The current consulting model is broken. Old-school “engagement”, the full day kick-off, and decks and documents just don’t work anymore. Companies need access to fresh thinking, fast turn-arounds, and innovative consulting that fits into their internal workflows.

We’re your partners in the process.

Get Started

We’re Just A Slack Away

Private Slack Channel for Your Company.
We’re Your On-Call Chief Design and Innovation Officer.
Events, AMAs, and Witty Banter.

Two Awesome Founder-Designers

20 Years Industry Design Experience.
10 Years Founder Experience (Mostly B2B SaaS).
12 Years as Educators in Tech, Business, and Design.

Pricing that Works for You

90 Days in Slack for Free.
Monthly Subscription After That.
No Cross/Up/Future Selling in Slack.

Discussion Topics

On Founding

Fundraising as a Designer.
Leading Engineers and Other Non-Designers
Direction for your Products, Services, and Experiences.

On Design

Providing Constructive Feedback.
Evaluate Potential Hires.
Managing and Scaling a Design Team.

On Growth

Learn from Two Carnegie Mellon Professors.
Bringing Design Thinking and Methods into Business.
Fundamentals of Digital Product, UX Design, and more.

1:1 with WW

Re-Thinking Consulting

Zoom sessions at your request with Alex and Elliott. You set the agenda and we’ll work through your ideas and challenges.

One to two hour sessions can cover concrete product and service strategy, new methods for approaching business challenges, research design and figuring out how to ask the right questions, making pivots, and design and tech leadership.

On-Site Engagements

Going Deep

Multi-month on-site engagements that lead strategic conversations, strategic planning and alignment, research, product and experience visioning, and helping to set your team on the right course.

By working with us up-front in Slack or during 1:1s, it helps us get deeper during our on-sites.